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  1. This message is just for those in the uk but open to anyone that may have info, are there any male school health advisors in the uk, please let me know as may be interested in fulfilling that role.
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  3. by   DeeDee71
    I don't know about the UK but we have had male school nurses in my district (MO, USA). That was before I started working in the schools though.
  4. by   little devil
    thanx deedee for your reply, but why the lack of male role models in this health profession , can someone outthere explain this, especially in the uk............ thanx yours awaiting patiently little devil
  5. by   DeeDee71
    This is all guess work on my part....
    I work with 10-14 year olds, girls that age do not want to come in to talk with a man about the changes their bodies are going though. I know boys go though changes too, but it seems they are more open to talking with a woman about such things. I think they see school nurses more in a 'mother' role then as an adult. In the younger grades, 5-8 year olds, I don't think it would matter if the nurse where male or female. Like I said I am just guessing here.