1. How is your salary in comparison to the teachers salary where you work?
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  3. by   nitengale75
    I am certified and on the teacher's scale so my salary is the same as a teacher with the same credentials.
  4. by   RGN1
    In the UK new grad nurses get about 8000 less per year than new grad teachers (that's about $13-14,000 approx less)!!!! CRIMINAL I say - we should at least be on a par!
  5. by   Hnebun
    In Virginia, the new graduate RN vs new graduate teacher is $40-60,000k (depending on shifts/overtime diffs). New graduate teacher makes on average $30-40,000 (Northern VA and Tidewater pay more-higher cost of living).
    Hope this helps!
  6. by   EJ8468
    In Dallas, Texas

    You are on the same pay scale as teachers.Certifications in School Health are not necessay but you must have a BSN..39,500 starting salary..