Recommendations for a VS machine?

  1. I have been budgeted to buy a new vitals machine (needs to be portable) for our Wellness Center (<$2K) and am struggling to find something that's high quality, has 2 BP cuff sizes minimum, temp, pulse ox and within budget. It needs to be "grab and go" portable, not on wheels or attached to a wall. Does anyone have recommendations? I know we use Welch Allyn in the hospital, but I'm not sure of other names and appropriate for a higher ed office. We have lots of HTN here, syncope episodes around campus, eating issues, anxiety... so I think those basics will cover it until I can get a referral.
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  3. by   MrNurse(x2)
    Check IVAC and Dinamap. WelchAllyn is high priced, you may find a better value in those.
  4. by   OldDude
    MacGill sells a Welch Allyn, Spot vital Signs, that has all 3 capabilities but it would go over your budget; about 2200.00. If you purchased just the BP and pulse ox options you could get it for about 1900.00. If you purchased the BP and thermometer only it'd be about 1400.00 - that's what I'd do and purchase a pulse ox extra - you can get a good one for less than 100.00; I've seen them as low as 22.00.

    Good Luck
  5. by   nursetobe2013
    I was thinking of going that route. Taking out one item and adding separately. We may have to go that route. Thanks for your input!
  6. by   algae1492
    Consider quality and longevity as factors for your purchase. I have had solid experiences with Welch Allyn based products the past few years.