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  1. oh, here it goes.

    i'm presently going to a cc and working on my pre-req's, well actually i'm done with my pre-req's as of yesterday. yippy i got a b in chemistry!!! anyways, i'm going to be transferring to another college by my gpa isn't good enough. i screwed around a lot 10 years ago at college and am now paying the price. so i got a letter from the "new" college stating that i wasn't accepted to the nursing program (which i knew) but i am accepted into the college to take general courses. so...having some questions i called the school and found out that my gpa from cc will follow me until i have a gpa at the "new" college, and that even when i do get my gpa up (at the cc, saying i don't go to the "new" college) to the minimum required for the nursing program, i probably won't get in because they only admit 40 students per semester. so i'm thinking about going to the "new" college and taking my biology's, phys. ed's, and other non-nursing courses and making sure i do really good (3.5 or up).

    ?? should i go to the "new" college fall & winter 04/05 and then apply for nursing school again for fall 05? i'll have a lot better gpa and will have a better chance of getting accepted.

    ?? if you don't have perfect credit, do you have problems getting student loans???

    ?? i have to have all my shots before i can register. do any of you know if they are very expensive?

    the reason i'm so indecisive is because the "new" college is expensive. i don't mind going into debt as long as i get into the nursing program.

    thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!!

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  3. by   IamRN
    I am assuming the "new" college is a four year school???

    Have you considered going for your ADN and working towards your BSN from there. Most employers have some sort of tuition assistance; ie your employer as an ADN would help pay for your BSN education.

    Good luck!