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  1. I am having a terrible time navigating the Pennsylvania Dept of Education website. I just want to find out what the requirements are for a school nurse certification and how to submit an application? I can't find a clear answer anywhere. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks!!
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    You need to attend a certification program at a University. I think mine was an additional 9 credits beyond a BSN. Your school will help you with the certification process.They must submit the application. After you get your certification classes, you can get a level 1 certification. Once you get a job, you then need an additional 24 credits to get your level 2 certification. You then need 180 act 48 credits (like CEU's) every 5 years to keep your certification active.

    Follow this link:

    The nursing certification in PA is the same as the teacher certification.
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    Thanks for your help!