Out of State Prescribers

  1. Is there a limited and set amount of time that an out-of-state prescribe may authorize medication administration to a student in school? I am in Ohio and I cannot find anything in the Revised Code that speaks to this.
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  3. by   Jolie
    To my knowledge, no. My daughter attends school out of state and we asked about this before she moved, because she takes a number of prescription medications. As long as your state pharmacy board allows scripts from out of state prescribers to be filled (and hers does), I don't believe there is any legal restriction on school personnel administering them.

    As a practical matter, her local doctor asked us to find a physician near her school to co-manage her care in the event that she has a change in condition, because she is halfway across the country and will only be home over holidays, but the new physician has not re-written any of her prescriptions. She is utilizing refills from the original RXs written by her doctor at home.