Online Courses for School Health Personnel

  1. I'm considering writing online courses for School Health personnel, aimed at people new to School Health as well as current school health assistants/technicians. The courses would be simple and practical, and would be priced at about $50 - $100 per course. May or may not be able to get CE credit status, but would receive a certificate of completion. I decided to do this after realizing how awfully hard it is to leave our jobs even for one day - plus the cost of gas, lodging (I'm from a rural area), etc.Is this something that would be valuable to you or School Health people in your district?

    I'd like to hear your opinion.
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  3. by   bergren
    For school nurses from states that require CEUs for license renewal, this is helpful, but many school nurses get pay increases based on the number of graduate credits they earn and to get the max advantage, graduate credit for the courses would be the most advantageous.