Nursing Finals Question........

  1. I am wondering if other nursing schools are as bad as mine, especially during finals. I went to a Community College here in the NYC area. In my school all nursing finals were 60% of your final grade.

    If you had a good average on quizzes and failed the final, you failed the class. Is it the same in any other nursing school? I know we had it bad. The good part is that I some how made it through. I graduated in Fall 2003 and passed the NCLEX the first time.

    Is this percentage a shock to everyone?????
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  3. by   RN123456789
    In my senior med-surge class, the final was only worth 20% of your grade.
  4. by   Berta
    Our final is 50% of our grade. We only had one other test this semester. Talk about a tremendous amount of pressure. Do poorly on one test and you'd best get an A on the final.
  5. by   RN_Amy
    Throughout my nursing degree... most end of semester exams (ie. finals) were worth 40 - 60%...

    I though this was pretty fantastic due to the fact that whilst studying first year science... end of semester exams where worth anywhere between 70 - 90% of your final mark! ICK! That kinda expains my results in chemistry...