National Association of School Nurses

  1. I have noticed the frequency of questions for which the answer is either:

    1. Contact the National Association of School Nurses


    2. See the Journal of School Nursing.

    Our professional organization offers incredible resources and support for school nurses across the country. In addition to what the headquarters office provides, the Journal of School Nursing is included free with membership. I cannot imagine trying to practice without these two vital resources and encourage any of you who are not members to join.

    To join the National Association of School Nurses, see, email , or phone 207 883-8117 or FAX 207 883-2683
    Ask for a membership application form. Include your US mailing address.

    Many states also have state affiliate school nurse organizations. NASN can provide contact names.

    Martha Dewey Bergren
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  3. by   milkshake1
    I am a new member to the chat forums, but would like to hear from other nurses who work in public health, especially school nursing. I live in Florida and work as a school nurse. Just wondering what it is like in other areas. Thanks