MRSA Precautions

  1. What is everyone doing in their schools regarding prevention of MRSA ?
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  3. by   mamunsey
    Sending them home for MD evaluation, not allowed to come back until Dr. releases them from care, I have had one student out for 2 weeks.
  4. by   Dimple58
    Keeping a count of Staph by the Head Nurse. Sending email flyers regarding Staph and MRSA to school staff/athletic department. Posting information on School Website regarding Staph/MRSA. Reminding students that come for bandaids to keep wounds covered and hands washed, not sharing personal items, etc. Asking students to bring doctor's release note if they had a wound infection. Just stressing information that we have already been saying for years. But mainly keep STAPH COUNTS like we do for FLU and reporting each case to the HEALTH DEPARTMENT IF A CASE COMES UP.