LPN's as school nurses?

  1. Hi, thinking of going to LPN school, and wondering if LPN's can work as school nurses?
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  3. by   lilypad2424
    In some school districts in Houston, LPNs can be school nurses. I don't know about other parts of the country. I also know that those jobs are few and far between.
  4. by   classicdame
    Perhaps you need to contact the school district, or your state board of nursing. Hope you find what you are looking for.
  5. by   cheerfu60
    Hello Lilipad2424, I am so glad you answered that question. I have been on this computer asking jeeves and whoever else that very question. I am still in lvn school and will be graduating next year and I was wondering about that. I live in california now but am returning to Houston after three years because this is the place my children were born and my husband and I want to buy a house there. do you live in houston now?