Good news everyone! *Professor Farnsworth voice*

  1. I got a contract for 2 more years! I'm here to stay! It's been a long road this year but I'm super excited and happy to continue this job and this road! I also want to thank you guys for all the tips and advice. <3
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  3. by   SaltineQueen
    I am "reasonably assured" of my employment next school year. Not really a statement that gives warm fuzzies, but I guess getting the letter is as good as gold.
  4. by   tamarae1
    Congrats Amethya! Happy dance!
  5. by   KKEGS
    Yay! Congratulations! I signed my new contract with a different district on Tuesday and am now awaiting school board approval next week!
  6. by   amoLucia
    Congrats on your new contract. You've had some rough times but the end result speaks well of you.
  7. by   emilly.lynn
    Congratulation dear on your new contract. Best of luck for your future.