Free Stuff for School Nurses?

  1. Today is my first day back and I am searching for any freebies you all may know of. I've already signed up for the PG School Programs and was wondering if there was anything else out there?
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  3. by   3peas
    I have a church that sponsors my clinic-so nice. I haven't found anything else out there and trust me my school would qualify-we have 100% free breakfast and lunch.
  4. by   Windchaser22
    Epi pens for schools give free epi pens and cabinets.
  5. by   verdeacres
    I started last year as my first year as a school nurse and scoured the web for freebies. It seems like there used to be so many more available even 10-15 years ago. I could not find anything, we have a very poor school district and anything is better than what most of them have.
  6. by   WyVy
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  7. by   ArryOtter
    I thought there was something for colgate, but I can't seem to find anything! Makes me sad.