Food Allergies in school

  1. I am wondering how your schools are handling the increase of students with food allergies. Are your schools peanut free or do you have peanut free tables in the cafeteria? How do you handle snacks? I would really appreciate your input.
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  3. by   AmyB
    At my kids' elementary school, there is absolutely no sharing of snacks or lunches because of the risk of food allergies. I'm not aware of peanut free tables, but it sounds like a reasonable action for families who need it.
  4. by   michigooseBSN
    My school system has a comprehensive Life Threatening Allergy policy that all schools must follow. No sharing of food. Food-free parties and celebrations. No peanuts or tree nuts in the cafeteria food. Nut-free table which is available for any child whose parent or doctor requests it. Otherwise any child who has purchased a school lunch is free to sit there.
    I have 15 children in my building with peanut or treenut allergies but only one of them is required to sit at the nut-free table. No nut-free classrooms.
    We aim for inclusion of all children rather than exclusion based on food allergies. It's working well for us.