Exposure Control Plan

  1. I am in the process of writing a policy and procedure plan for my school district for exposure control. This plan will entail the following: how the school handles infectious body fluids, how we will inservice the staff and faculty, and how we will deal with those that have been exposed to infectious fluids. It would also include the rights of those who are infected with HIV/AIDs. Has anyone developed such a plan and if so do you have any suggestions or information. I am reviewing enourmous amounts of literature from the National School Board Association, OSHA, CDC, NASN, and the Health Department. Do you all have red infectious waste bags in your school? And how often do you have it picked up? And does anyone really know where they put the red bags as opposed to the regular garbage? OSHA does not dictate what goes on in the schools in PA and I will have to push in order to develop all of their standards in our school. HELP!

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