Don't start with...

  1. the tears!

    I am subbing to day at the kinder school. Little one come in with a headache and wanted me to take his temp. No fever. I see he doesn't come in frequently, so I call mom to give her a head's up. Mom asks to speak with little one. As she starts telling him he is staying at school, his bottom lip starts quivering and eye fill up with tears. Mom asks me to check on him in little while and call her back as needed.

    At first, I was like come here baby and let me try to make it better. Student went back to class. 10 min later here comes some one to pu student (not mom). The pick up was a graduated student, I had a few years ago. She looked at me and said, "mom's a softy. I would have said stay unless you start running a fever."

    Then on the other hand, I had a med kid act way up. Will have to report that one to the regular nurse.
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