Current Illness's

  1. Hello Fellow School Nurses !
    Just curious here.....tell me what is "going around" at your school right now?
    Here it's strep throat....fifth disease....some GI upset with vomiting.

    Pretty busy these days....they still insist on coming to school sick, then can't locate a parent to come for them... Can you relate !!! :chuckle

    Have a great day !
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  3. by   Chilenurse
    Hi from Germany,

    even thousands miles away ...........we do have the same problem right now. Specially this week many kids ill.
    We do have a lot of headage with gastro-problems and of course all the flu`s and throats.
    German parents are not different- they have to work and they send kids sick to, you are not allone

    Greetings from Frankfurt

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