Anyone working in a University as a school Rn

  1. i once tried elementary school nursing and found it too hectic for anyone working at a Universtiy as a school nurse? what is it like..thanks
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  3. by   Rosie67
    Yes, I work PRN all school year evenings at a major University in the Midwest. It is a lot of the same thing but with many protocols. We have directives for treatment and standing orders. Almost like NP. There is always a MD on call if something comes in that we don't have a protocol for. We also have an inhouse unit with 9 beds. Mostly post-ops, some acute advanced illnesses, dressing changes, IV antibiotics, and sports treatments. I've worked some days and see only 6 kids then 30 the next day in our walk- in clinic. It just depends what's going on. I've learned alot and get to use more nursing skills. Teaching is huge, which I love.
  4. by   lilia123
    Thanks rosie,

    i saw a job opening for a university here and it sounds appealing. i like working in the community and can relate to teens...I don't think they have in patient beds..teaching is what i enjoy also..I'll send my resume and see what happens...thanks for the info