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  1. I've been reading through the posts in this forum trying to get a feel for the specialty.

    I'm an agency nurse at this time, and my only experience is in sub-acute / long term care. I recently got a phone call at 5am saying there was an opening that day at a high school for a nurse. I thought the scheduler was kidding; I didn't take it. Then came another at a middle school a few days later. Didn't take it. I have NO experience in pediatrics. Later that day I talked to the main scheduler and expressed my concerns about being offered the "opportunity" to walk unprepared into a school.

    She made it clear that it was a piece of cake. Bandage booboos and give out prescription meds. Yeah, right.

    Now, I'm not stupid. I don't feel comfortable stepping into such a position without some kind of real advice from those on the front lines of school nursing. What is your experience with agency nurses who step in for a day here and there? I take my job (and license) very seriously and I don't blow off duties on my assignments just because "I'm agency and I don't have to worry about it."

    However, I am always open to new challenges. Advice, experiences, stories anyone?
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