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School Nurses Flourish as Program Expands

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good article about local school nurses. nice, except for this sentence:

because many of the nurses are not at school full time, a large part of their responsibility is educating staff for such situations as administering insulin to a student with low blood sugar, davis said

only b/c no nurse would give insulin to someone with low blood sugar :)


school nurses flourish as programs expand

over the past decade, many area school systems have expanded nurses' hours through grants and local funding.

by jen mccaffery


lynda sneed's job is part health care provider, part educator, part social worker, part mom.

in other words, she's a school nurse.

"i do mother a lot of these kids," sneed said.

sneed has worked at glenvar middle and high schools for the past 12 years and now serves close to 1,000 students. before that, she worked as a school nurse in roanoke for almost four years.

she's one of an increasing number of nurses that local school systems have employed in recent years.

virginia does not mandate that schools hire nurses and does not supply funding for them. yet the state also recommends that each school have one nurse for every 1,000 students.

those students have a wide variety of health problems: asthma, attention-deficit disorder, life-threatening allergies, diabetes, heart conditions, psychiatric disorders, kidney problems.

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