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scfhs-verification of license

prietita prietita (New) New

hello there am craving for an answer!!!

- Is there anybody there who who have friends or worked in SAUDI currently applied for NCLEX in Texas? And how did you secured your VOL? FYI, I worked in Saudi for 7 yrs. and moved here a couple of years ago and here I am with mixed emotions hope to secure this and need to pass the big test!!!

- I received a letter from Texas BON requiring me to mail a copy of their letter to Saudi and the VOL form of Texas BON...am reading all the threads and I wanted to know if Texas BOARD OF NURSING will accept the printed copy and mail it to them personally?

- Will the SCFHS allow a representative? I contacted the BON and am close to due...few months to work on this before my application expires. And am making sure what will be the best move i need to do.

Please help!!! all your advice will be appreciated...thanks in advance :):):)