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Specializes in LTC, Oncology/Women's Health; Med/Surg.

Im a new LPN just starting out in the hospital setting. I really want to go back for my RN, but I am scared!! There is so much more that goes with being an rn and it scares me!! I know I could do it, but Im terrified that I wont be able to get through school. I am looking into the EC program, which I know is all pretty much self motivated study, which I know I could do with some self discipline. Im just scared that once I am done, I will be clueless! All the assessments and the care plans and everything that a RN does....does it just one day come to you? Do you just get it one day? Im terrified that I just wont!! :uhoh3: I know...worry wort! lol!

Perhaps you should revisit the idea of RN school until you have worked in the hospital for one or two years. But even then, that would NOT prevent you from taking courses necessary for completion of the degree, such as English, history, psychology, biology, etc. Get my idea? Get the general ed courses out of the way while you are getting used to nursing. Then when it is time to knuckle down with your science courses and to go for admission, you will more likely be mentally ready for RN school.