Scared of 1st Patho Test!

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We have our first exam in Pathophysiology on Monday, covering 9 chapters in the book. I am trying to focus my studying but I am so scared about it! I am giving up a weekend trip to a friend's house with my four best friends to study for it which I am really disappointed about, but I don't think that is going to be enough. Did anyone else have a hard time with patho- to me, it is like A&P but harder for some reason. The concepts just seem so foreign and difficult! Thanks for letting me vent.


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Just had my first path 2 weeks ago and I got a 70. That's been my lowest grade so far in nursing school. Fortunately our teacher will let us do some extra credit to raise our test grades. Patho is hard - my next test is tomorrow. Hang in there and study until you are blue in the face.


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Patho was harder than A&P for me. I thought A&P was easy and would only spend about 3-5 hours studying for it per test to get an A or B. But for patho I spent about 18 hours per test to get an A or B.

Hopefully you have good notes on the material to study off of. Otherwise, my only advise is to read the summary at the back of each chapter since reading the full chapters can be so overwhelming and discouraging.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

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I have my first patho exam on Friday. I'm definitely going to be overstudying, I think. Problem is I have a Pharm exam the following Monday, followed by Fundamentals exam Tuesday and a theory class exam Wednesday. Add a taped validation and taped patient interview the same Friday and Monday, and you get one stressed out student!!!!

The only consolation is that my first Health Assessment exam was so easy. I got a 98%.

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Wow, Mel D, that is a TOUGH week! Hope you get some "you time" afterwards. Be kind to yourself and take care! Now that that test is over I have some breathing room; maybe we will get them back tomorrow and I can see how I did! It wasn't quite as bad as it could have been, but it was challenging of course!


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Good luck Rachel!


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Well, we got our tests back this morning and I got an 86! Woo-hoo, I am so glad! That is a B, and there were no A's on the test, so I feel pretty good about it, but I was thinking, "on the next test there's going to be at least ONE A!", kind of arrogant maybe, but I am determined. Now that I know what to expect it will be a little easier. Thanks for all your encouragement.

I got an 89 on my first path test. We got our second test back last night. When the teacher handed it to me I quickly glanced at the scan tron and noticed the # 56 in the score box. I was horrified. I quickly shoved it in my notebook and began reflecting on how I must do better on the third test. On the way home I decided to pull the test paper out again. OOOPs I never saw the 85% next to the 56. 56 was the number of questions I answered correctly not my overall percentage. It's funny now but it wasn't last night.

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