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Scared about Barium Enema

by worriedpatient worriedpatient (New) New

A couple of weeks back my doctor sent me for blood work and booked me in to have a Double Contrast Colon Study in October. I went back yesterday to get the results of the blood work but my regular doctor was away so I was seen by a resident. During the appointment she mentioned 'the Barium Enema' that I am scheduled to have before she stopped and looked like she had said something wrong before correcting herself with 'Barium Study'

So this has got me really worried. Is a 'Double Contrast Colon Study' the same thing as a 'Barium Enema' and if so why are my doctors both trying to hide things from me. I have looked up 'Barium Enema' and I'm now really scared.

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As per the Terms of Service of the site we really can not advise you, this is something you really need to go and speak to your PCP