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Save your back, train like a powerlifter

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With proper form and execution you should be performing weight training exercises such as squats & deadlifts.  Instead of resting your spinal erector muscles you should be strengthening them.  

Powerlifting is one of the safest sports on the world.  We emphasize using intraabdominal pressure in each of the lifts to maintain spine neutrality.  

Performing "The king of all exercises" aka the barbell back squat is a good indicator of overall health.  You have to squat all the way down and stand back up while balancing the bar on your shoulders.  You work all the stabilizer muscles like your back and abs whereas the leg press you are just pressing on a fixed track.

Doing a well executed deadlift with a straight back is much better for you in the long run, it will prevent you from being in a wheelchair like some of our patients.

With chronic non-use, this can lead to atrophy of the muscles and lead to increased injury for floor nurses.  This excludes nurses who work in management.......jk

In the overall picture you are strengthening your body whilst having a positive stress reliever also you look good.

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