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Can anyone help in answering the satas...i cant seem to get them right using saunders and kaplan q bank...how can i attack this kind of question!

I don't know if this would help but the way that I was taught to answer them by looking at each answer choice to determine whether its true, pertaining to the question.

thanks, please anyway who had satas in their nclex rn, give examples please!

SATA type questions are used to see if you really understand concepts beyond memorizing random facts. That is why it is recommended that you study the rationales for questions, as well as just looking to see if you got a question right or wrong. If you find that you aren't getting the rationales, then you probably need to back up your study to do a more in depth review of the material. It is better to start at the beginning and take more time for your review, than to rush through and miss too much.

they are really hard and although i have studied the concepts and i feel confident about critical thinking skills, these satas are a hit and miss for me. =( i guess i am no where ready

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