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As reported by WHO of today, a cumulative total of 3547 cases with 182 deaths have been reported from 25 countries. The disease is spreading rapidly in the communities with dense population. According to health authorities in different countries, it is believed that the virus can only be transmitted through close contact. It is also believed that it becomes infectious only after the onset of symptoms and the carriers are not infectious during the incubation periods. I wonder how true it is. There are patients who fell sick after a brief visit to the SARS patients, and there are group infection after contacting a asymptomatic SARS patient. Our dialysis center does not receive patients direct from hospitals after discharge. They are dialysed in a segregated center for 10 days before coming back to us. What kind of precaution you employ in your centers on new patients and existing patients? Tks.

We don't. We havent' addressed it. Frankly, none of our patients travel and since there have only been 2 SARS cases in our state and both of those were in a metropolitan area 200 miles from here (a small rural community) we aren't too concerned at this point. Seems to me that influenza is a bigger threat.

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