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San Jacinto College Central ADN-Spring 2015



Just wondering if anyone here is applying to San Jac Central for the ADN program Spring 2015?

I finally took my HESI and I'm ready to bring my application in next Monday! I'm pretty nervous, but excited to finally be ready to take this step. I have been taking my pre-reqs for several years at night so I could still work full time. It has been a long road, but I'm finally here.

I cannot imagine what waiting to find out is going to be like. Closing date is August 8 and they are saying 5-6 weeks until the letters go out. If nothing else, it will teach me patience, lol.

It would be nice to talk to someone doing the same!

Do you mind me asking, at what point did you take the HESI exam? And at what point do you apply for the ADN program? I have asked several advisors at San Jac and I always get the "I'm not sure" response.

I'm so excited for you tho. I'm glad I found this Texas forum.

Hi Julz!

Glad someone replied! I took my HESI when i saw the schedule for spring application dates for ADN. I wish i would've taken it right after i finished prereqs, just because you have the knowledge in your head. But, i studied like crazy and did well. You can take the HESI twice in an academic year to get a better score if you want. I applied when i was finished with prereqs and when it fit with my plan for staying the full time nursing school. Let's talk more!

ooooh okay! So how long in advance did you start studying for the HESI exam? Once you completed all your pre-reqs THEN you applied for the ADN program? I can't believe it takes 5-6 weeks to find out if you have been accepted or not. Its like torture lol. Did you apply for the San Jac ADN program, or did you apply to several other programs as well?

I started studying a month ahead of time and I recommend that. I used the book and a website called Quizlet. Its free and awesome. Lol. I finished my prereqs first due to my work situation. I know someone applying for Spring that is finishing her prereqs this Fall. When are you applying?

i've heard of quizlet. Thank you very much for that information. Im going into my second semester of pre reqs, so I should be done after this semester. *fingers crossed*

You're welcome! I wish you much luck and keep in touch here. Let me know how your classes go.

It is maddening to wait to find out if you were accepted. I was told it could be longer than 8 weeks. The wait for Fall was very long. I guess a lot of people apply and it takes a while to go thru all of the applications. I'm thinking they can't wait to long to let oriole know about Spring because of the holidays. There has to be time for ordering textbooks and registration and orientation.

You too! Hope that you keep in touch. Let me know if and WHEN you get your acceptance letter :yes:

I will!! I applied to another community college to improve my odds of getting into a program. You can check on San Jac's Facebook page and under "Nursing" they are good about listing the HESI dates. I think the last one for the Spring semester is this Wednesday, 08/06. After that, I'm not sure when they'll have another round. If you are looking to apply for Fall 2015, I would take it as soon as you can after you finish up the Fall semester.

Oh neat I had no idea!! You are so awesome. I'm going to go like the page so I can stay updated on these kind of things. :)

i was going to mention if you applied to different programs as well. Glad to hear you did! EK! Good luck!

Hi. No, still nothing. I called and they said another 3 weeks. So, it's been a week already since then. Hopefully we'll here something by the end of the month!

Hi everyone! I've been waiting a while as well. My friend called a week ago and said it would be about a week "or so". Today marks one week since the lady informed her and I'm so anxious. Why must the waiting process be so tedious?! However, I hope that we all make it into the program and I look forward to getting to meet with you all. Keep your fingers crossed and keep on waiting!!!

Hi everyone. I heard today that they are supposed to be letting us know by the end of this week. My friend called the ADN office.

Post when you hear something!!! Hoping the best for all of us!

Hello everyone! I received my acceptance letter as well as a friend of mine. I am extremely excited that this agonizing wait is over. I can't wait to start and meet everyone. Now I just gotta figure out my financial aid situation and how to apply for school loans through FAFSA as well. Anybody have any ideas?

Tiffzors - Congratulations to you and your friend!!! I received my acceptance letter too!!! The relief is overwhelming. God is good!! Have you ever filed a FAFSA? It requires your tax information from the previous year. You have to do that first before you can apply for student loans, grants, etc. Also, look for scholarships you can apply for.

Hello everyone. I too have been accepted to the program and cannot wait to meet you guys. I'm sort of lost on how we are to start our fingerprinting for bon. Had anyone received a letter/email from bon for fast pass

Hi Franii,

Congrats!! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone, too. Did you receive a blue card from BON saying your background was clear? We had to do a background check when we applied to the program.

Also, I applied for another program and they had me go ahead and do fingerprinting, so I'm hoping I don't have to do it again.

I have a friend that started Fall 2014 and they received instructions on getting fingerprints right before he received his acceptance email. Maybe they'll send something out soon. Sorry I'm not more help!

Congrats, again!