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San Francisco General- Critical Care New Grad Program


I wanted to start a thread for those of us who are hopefuls for SFGH's Critical Care Training Program---also, if anyone has experience with the program or working at SFGH in general, please chime in!

_firefly, BSN, RN, EMT-B

Specializes in Informatics / Trauma / Hospice / Immunology. Has 7 years experience.

I'm still under consideration. I think it is bizarre how it is part-time, but it's critical care training. And what are the ranking levels? For example I'm 13 but so are other people I know. I guess who cares if we are still in running. I just feel like this ranking tells me nothing. Any idea on timeframes or number of spots?

all right so I applied to the Neonatal care training programs as well as the Emergency care training program weeks ago and today I got an email that my rank for the neonatal is 10 and emergency 13. I have no idea what it means. Anyone who has had experience with them? does this mean I will get an interview? The email also said something about this ranking system being valid for 1 year. so does that mean I'm number 10 , 13 on the lists and once a position becomes avail they just move down a list.

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