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San Antonio VA Hospital: Love It or Hate It?

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Thinking of moving to San Antonio and applying at the VA Hospital. Anyone work there, or know anyone who does? If so, what do you like :up: or dislike :down: about it? Need the inside scoop before making my decision. Please help!




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I did clinicals at the VA for 2 semesters in nursing school and everyone agrees that it is a terrible, dirty, and unsafe hospital. I worked with a nurse that hung the wrong IV bag on a pt for about an hr and when she realized it, she just dumped it down the drain and said it's hard too keep everyone straight! The rn to pt ratio is horrible. Everyone I know that took jobs there always say "I hate it but the pay is good". Anyone in a health profession area in san antonio knows not to ever go to the VA as an employee or a patient! Hope this helps!

Olive Nurse,

:bow:Thank you so much for being candid and open!

Thanks again! :hug:


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I replied on the other thread but olive sums it up pretty well. I aimost just referred you to her post instead of posting.


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