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Samuel Merritt T2P Fall 2015


I've seen past threads of people posting their experience on applying to this program, but not too much feedback on their program experience. Any past T2P students willing to share their experience or pass on any advice would be much appreciated. I've applied to the Fall 2015 program and currently in the waiting process.

Thank you so much!

Hi J.Bornstein,

I would very much like to know more about the experience people have had in this program. I am thinking of applying and have begun the process. Will anyone be willing to share their experience with us, pretty please:)

Any luck with hearing about others experiences?

I heard that if you do well in this program, you are just about guaranteed a job at the hospital you completed it at. I ended up not applying and just switched from a LVN role to an RN Case Manager role at my current Home Health job.