Samuel Merritt Summer 2021 ABSN


Hi, all! I didn't see a thread for Samuel Merritt's Summer 2021 ABSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. I'm pretty nervous about the application process! Does anyone have any insight on the program? Good luck to those who applied!

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It is expensive.  I worked with a lady who finished their ABSN program from their and passed their NCLEX.  She is still working as a unit clerk a year later.  Technically, she is employed, she is just making a third of what she cold be making as an RN and spent over 100 grand in the process.  Her coworkers only have HS diplomas.  

I was wondering how GPA oriented they were? I have seen past threads talking about how people with really high GPA's not being accepted. That kind of worries me a tad bit! I am guessing they are holistic? and focus more on resume, experiences, personal statements?

I had a 3.84, and went elsewhere.  Too expensive.  Check out their NCLEX pass rates. 

Samuel Merritt University - BSN  93.4%

Samuel Merritt University - MSN 86.4%

Here is the link - NCLEX Pass Rates (

At over 100k, the pass rate should be at 114% because they are giving their students 114% of their effort.