Same company, different hospital, no raise?

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I recently moved from colorado springs to denver and got a job in denver with the same company, just different hospital. My pay rate is the same because this is considered and internal transfer per HR. Anyone else experience this? I expected a bit of a raise (a dollar or two) because denvers cost of living is much higher.

Sour Lemon

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Expected, or asked for? If they can keep you for what you're making now, they're not likely to offer more.

SuperNurse3177, ADN, BSN, LPN, RN

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I had the same experience. I transferred from a hospital in Louisville to a hospital in Lakewood with the same company and didn't get a raise because it's considered an internal transfer.

Nurse SMS, MSN, RN

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Sounds like you need to consider going to a different employer. It's pretty well known in nursing that the only way to get a decent raise is to move companies. Sorry.