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salary question


I'm a new grad lpn. I've been offered a job at a federal prisn and I'm all set to start. My question is, I was shocked at the low pay I was offered. I'm offered 24$ hourly as a per diem employee with NO benefits. Should I negotiate for more? The position is I a high paying state (one of the coasts).


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That pay is in line for LPNs even in California. What salary range did you have in mind? New grad RN typically get $35/hr, so do not be shocked.


24.oo isn't bad generally BOP only takes RN. That's similar to CDCR pay. Good luck I would accept not bad for a new grad!:yes:


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In our state, a new Correctional LPN makes $52,000/year with benefits.

That is not out of line for LPN/LVN. At least it is not $14 or $15, like some employers like to offer LPN/LVNs.