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Salary in Northern NJ?



I wanted to inquire about the starting salary as an RN at a hospital in northern New Jersey, I have been hearing different stories and wanted to see if anyone can clarify. Also does it matter if you graduate with an Associate degree vs. a Bachelors degree? Any info would be helpful...thanks!

I have asked around....and I found the highest being Hackensack Univ Medical Ctr at $38 - $40.

The others seem to be on average around $32 - $35. There was a $1 - $2 difference in salary between a BSN vs. ASN degree.

Thanks so much for the info...I appreciate it!

Just wanted to get an idea of the salary, since I will probably have loans I need to payback..LOL !!!

Anyone with updated info on salaries for new RNs w/ BSNs in New Jersey? Found this old thread in a search, and wanted to see more recent info.



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I would agree that the figures above are probably correct for a new grad. That $38-40/hour figure is probably (almost 100% sure) including night time differential.

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