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Saint Kates BSN Program

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Hi. I live in Saint Paul, MN. I am a current student. I'm thinking of taking pre-nursing courses at the U of MN for the first two years then applying to the BSN program there. I am also thinking of applying to the Saint Kates and Bethel BSN program. I'm applying to those two schools as well becasue the U of M BSN program is very competitve. I heard that it's very hard to trasfer students (who transfer JUST for the nursing major) to get in and it's rare? I know first year students are given first priority. But how hard is it to get in if someone transfer's for the major? On of my mother's friends who's an LPN told me not to worry about it. And btw the reason why I'm going to th U for the first two years is to save money. Saint Kates is VERy expensive. Also does anyone know of any other accredited entry level BSN Nursing programs in the Twin Cities area besides Saint Kates, Bethal, or the U?


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