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Saint Francis children's help

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I need input and advice. I am an Picu rn that has three years of experience. I have my Bsn, pals ext. I have applied an gotten one interview but didn't get the job. Is there something that would help me get my foot in the door? Or increase my chances? I really want to work here, and grow my experience. Any advice from someone that works there would be awesome. In my interview I got to meet with the recruiter, then the floor manager, and staff. Will I be lucky enough to get another interview? Or am I probably in the "no" pile forever? I'm at such a loss.

I don't know how it is for nurses, but I would say you just have to keep trying. The Childrens Hospital is really hard to get into because everyone wants to work there. It's a plus if you know someone. Also, many people I see end up working on another unit for 6 months and then try to transfer into the Children Hospital because that way you can introduce yourself personally and all that jazz before applying for transfer.


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