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Sage College Nursing Spring 2018

Hello, I am applying to Sage College in NY for the Spring 2018 semester. I currently live in Texas and I am applying here as a backup. Wanted to create this article to see who else is applying, to share stats and talk about the application progress.

I am applying as a Transfer.

My Stats:

TEAS: 76.7

Reading: 78.7

Math: 84.4

Science: 74.5

English & Language: 66.7

Cumulative GPA: 3.034 (Still have 4 classes to complete in the summer)

I do have quite a few C's in my science classes

No previous healthcare experience

Will have my Associate of Science in Pre-nursing by the deadline

Hi! I'm just wondering if you've heard back from the school regarding your application? I've also applied for Spring 2018!


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