Sacramento State's Program


Can anyone tell me about Sac State's nursing program? Just the basics and in terms of the quality of their program.

I'm a student at another college but may transfer because I found out that my school's nursing program is good but isn't the best; the local community college's graduates often get hired over my university's graduates because they receive more hands on experience. In addition that, there's virtually no info on our program. I've checked allnurses, I've searched google, still nothing besides what little info they provide on their website. It just worries me that I know little to nothing about their program, even a semester in and meeting with my advisors. Its like its top secret. :down:

Everything there is to know about the CSUS nursing program is located on their website. It is a two year BSN program and is HIGHLY competitive. The average GPA required for admission is about a 3.9 and TEAS score is about 90%. I know they produce quality graduates and their NCLEX pass rates are around 97-98%. Hope this helps! :)