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Sacramento City College ADN (RN) Program Fall 2020

kn0712 kn0712 (New) New Student

Hi everyone!

I received my SCC ADN acceptance last week for Fall 2020 and just received the acceptance packet today. I am super excited to start and wanted to reach out to see if anyone else will be in the Fall 2020 cohort as well.

CONGRATS to those that did get accepted! For those who didn’t - I am wishing you all the luck for the rest/future nursing applications!


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Hello and good morning!

I actually got accepted into the Spring 2021 group. I'm so excited to meet someone else who will be attending Sac City. Maybe we'll bump into each other on campus one day. :)

I'm actually really curious as to what is included with the acceptance packet. Is there a list of items that you need to purchase or that will be available to purchase on the day of orientation?

CONGRATS on your acceptance into the program.