SAC LVN to RN mobility

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Has anyone taken the LVN to RN mobility program at San Antonio College. I would love some info on the program! I have been conditionally accepted to summer 2018 start and I am feeling nervous cause I don't have much nursing experience. I would love any advice or info anyone has for me! thank you :)



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I too have been conditionally accepted to the military to RN program for this summer of 2018 and have no idea what to expect. I tried searching for a FB page, but sac doesn't seem to have one. Im also a bit nervous and would love some feedback from previous students.


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Hello, I am a former student for the mobility program. I attended for 3 semesters before withdrawing from their program. It was extremely unorganized. The NCLEX pass rate was very low as well. This was all in 2014, hopefully they have gotten better. I ended up graduating from a different RN program elsewhere in SA. Hope this helps!