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Rutgers (Newark) ABSN Nursing Prerequisite

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by Louel11 Louel11 (New) New Student

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Has anyone taken all their Rutgers (Newark) ABSN prerequisite courses at Hudson County Community College? I just want to make sure I have all the right courses sooner rather then later.

I have tried reaching out to RU but did not receive a definitive response.

I've taken or will take the following at HCCC.

  • PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY-211 Developmental Psychology
  • BIO-111 Anatomy and Physiology I (w/ Lab)
  • BIO-211 Anatomy and Physiology II (w/ Lab)
  • BIO-250 Microbiology
  • BIO-201 Practical Nutrition
  • CHP-111 College Chemistry I (w/ Lab)
  • CHP-211 College Chemistry II (w/ Lab)
  • MAT-114 Introduction Probabilities & Statistics


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