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Rutgers Camden Accelerated Nursing Spring 2017

Jae6o9 Jae6o9 (New) New

Hey so I was wondering if anyone is applying to the Accelerated Nursing program at Rutgers Camden for Spring 2017. My applications in and I'm currently taking Biomedical Ethics. I still need a genetics course though! I didn't register for Fall because I assumed they'd take my genetics course from my undergrad but they're not going to take it so now I'm basically screwed. Anyone know any schools offering genetics over winter session?

Any feedback is appreciated!

Actually just came across a genetics course offered over winter session at RU Camden! Anyone else taking winter session pre-reqs? Any idea when we can expect to hear back about admissions?

I actually found out late last night that I was accepted! I do know of some people who have yet to hear back.