Are there any rural nurses who do both homehealth as well as work at a rural clinic?

  1. Are there any rural nurses who do both rural home health as well as work at a rural clinic or hospital? It certainly sounds possible to divide ones time between clinic/hospital work on some days and home visits on other days, but would it really work or would someone be better off just sticking with one or the other?

    I would prefer to mostly do home health, rather than hospital/clinic.
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  3. by   Vikingkitten
    Many moons ago, when I worked for a Rural Health Organization, I not only worked in the Clinics, but also the Homehealth and Hospice (it was combined) also did Surgery and X-ray during my "free" time. It all depends on the size of the organization and what their needs are. They do tend to use all of your talents, as they are, by definition, small and can't afford to waste anyone.
    My $.02.