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RRT,RN moving to Toledo OH area

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by netnurse netnurse (New Member) New Member

netnurse works as a RN, Reg.Resp.Ther., Network Adm..

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I'm moving to Cygnet OH around 11/1/98. I've been working Med/Surg since getting my RN six months ago. I also have six years experience as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I can also boast that I build all of the computers for the hospital I work for and that I have set up a 60+ computer network that combines Windows 95/98/NT, Linux and an IBM AS400. I would prefer to work at a small hospital where I can combine all of these skills.

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Mark works as a Recruiter-Healthcare.

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Would be happy to review your resume Mark Griffith, Executive Recruiter-Healthcare, Management Recruiters, 216 561-6776; fax 216 561-2393.

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