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by alsrud alsrud (New) New Nurse

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Hi guys,

I'm a recent graduate from Seneca College with a GPA of 3.3, just passed my CPNRE in October and hoping to bridge to RN here in Ontario

Right now, I applied to centennial and GBC but I hear that it's very competitive to get into the bridging program unless you have a very good GPA with a minimum of B in every course you took in that 2 yr college

Just wondering if you guys have any idea with the cut off line! pleaes let me know! 

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xokw has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Public Health.

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I can’t speak for most schools but usually the  cut off does end up being above the minimum because of the candidates that apply. I bridged through McMaster and the cut off usually fluctuates between 82-85% each year.

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