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RPN to RN (International BScN)

by rahmab rahmab (New) New

Hi everyone,

Looking for some advice. I am an RPN trained in Ontario and registered with the CNO. I was living abroad for 7 years and completed a top up from diploma in practical nursing to BScN in the UK and have registration in another country as a RN with practice in the community and in hospital. I know that my RPN work experience won't count towards RN practice in Ontario but I do have RN practice hours abroad. Has anyone been through the NNAS process and CNO registration as an RN with similar experience? I was hoping to get an idea of my chances before I start the process.

Thanks in advance!

Hi. If your licensed as an RN in UK and worked in the UK, you will have to send verification for a.) school you graduated b.) licensing body c.) employer

Thing is, you have to pay NNAS first then you will be given directions on how to proceed. After NNAS deemed your education and practice as equivalent, they will then forward your case to CNO. CNO will allow you to apply as an RN. Then do NCLEX and jurisprudence.

This is based on my understanding on their website.