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RPN Refresher

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I'd really like to hear from other nurses who have taken time away from nursing (for whatever reason) and then done a refresher and gone back to it.

I graduated in 2014, did 8 month's on an acute care/med surg unit. As a result of various personal challenges and significant family responsibilities, had to move into a 9-5 job to be available to look after my kids on evenings/weekends/holidays etc. Was lucky enough to get a job in the health records area.

They are getting older now and I'm thinking about doing a refresher so I can rejoin the nursing workforce. I would not feel comfortable going back into the clinical setting right now and feel I really need that 200-400 hours of clinical practice again.

Does anyone have any input about their experience in a refresher, especially the clinical hours, and how it was different from your original precepted time?


Thanks in advance

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