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RPN/LPN role for Covid-19 responses?


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With the growing number of cases of the Covid-19 virus in Canada, does anyone know what kind of opportunities might be available for RPNs/LPNs who may be interested in assisting during this crisis?

I know that the Public Health Agency of Canada had posted an online application for nurses who want to work in Covid-19 responses - however they only want RNs.

The RPNAO sent an email asking if any RPNs might be interested in offering their help in the Covid-19 crisis, however they did not describe what kind of roles RPNs might be offered if they were to be utilized. Obviously RPNs will not be working with the most critical of coronavirus patients. But does anyone have any idea what practical nurses might be utilized for in this crisis?

I'm not 100% sure but I'm going to assume RPN roles would be to do the initial assessments for COVID-19 symptoms.

As RNs are reallocated to work with the sickest patients, presumably RPNs and LPNs can be utilized in other areas to take over people who are hospitalized for less critical reasons. If an RN is pulled from their role, there should be plenty of work a practical nurse can do.