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RPN George Brown

If anybody has done their second semester at George brown or any other college please let me know. I am interested in what their second semester looked liked.

It's probably the hardest semester. The 3rd semester is just as difficult but the 2nd is when the work gets more intense, they expect you to be on your game all of the time in clinicals and it's also a bit sad. You really start to see people dropping out or not coming back from the first semester. You need to be really organized and you really start to feel overwhelmed. I'd suggest taking the summer to get ahead in your med cards and try to read ahead if you can. And try to get as much sleep as you can. It's also when you start to feel more confident. You will start to give meds and start to feel like an actual nurse. Also do yourself a favour and get good at care-plans and reflective journals. You'll be doing a lot of them.


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